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This site presents the association "Pompiers-France-Fort Dauphin", which aims to create a fire station for the Malagasy town of Fort-Dauphin. 
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After our first mission organized in october 2012, the next mission will be programmed in november 2013 :

During this trip, goals are :

- to check trucks and materials

- to train firemen of Fort-Dauphin

- to strengthen link with public and private partners

Mission 2012

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 Where is Fort-Dauphin ?  

The city of Fort-Dauphin (too called Tolagnaro) is located in the southeast of Madagascar, known as the Big Island (the largest island in the world). It is the capital of the 22nd Malagasy region, named Anosy. The city has nearly 60,000 people but it is only the latest census from the 1990s. The current estimate would favor a population of 90,000.

The city is located along the Indian Ocean and surrounded by mountains where the rich mingled with lush flora fauna which evolves number of endemic species (including lemurs!). Everything is peacefully lulled by the trade winds that make it a popular place for lovers of sailing sport but also many tourists fleeing ldestinations overcrowded. This is a particularly relaxing and conducive place to dream!

The city is with major infrastructure such as factories, schools, high schools, a hospital and a clinic but also an international airport and a deep water port to a glimpse of the latest tourism prospects .... 
Why a fire station ?   

Firefighters, the creators of our association know the town of Fort-Dauphin to be made there. To these firefighters, one thing quickly became: there was no emergency service for the city. In comparison, a city of equivalent size in France had at least two fire stations and equipment so!

To provide the city with a fire station, the association "Fire-France-Fort Dauphin" was created to engage in a process of cooperation in civil protection.
It will provide all necessary assistance for the creation of a corps of firefighters and build on the experience and passion of these firefighters serving the Malagasy population and Fire!

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 Caserne de pompiers à Diego-Suarez
 Example of a rescue center built by french firefighters (Diego-Suarez in north of Madagascar)
A little fisching village near Fort-Dauphin
 Our goals ?  

Harvesting equipment, train firefighters, follow the development and the life of the future fire station are our priorities .... You will discover through this site missions ahead.

In addition, we consider that a fire station is essential for people to live in peace...

Preserve life, ensure the protection of fauna and flora or heritage is one of the noblest missions that are giving to the firefighters! 

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wodden houses : risk major of fire !
Equip the fire station 

Our association research and repairs firefighters gears and for rescue person (ambulances) or specialized (water-carrier, tank,...) reformed or not, or in the process of being.

Vehicles are picked up by our assoication. They are checked, equipped and directed to a seaport to be shipped to Madagascar.

Our association is always looking for vehicles to fill a fleet renewal and maintaining a sustainable operational capacity of the barracks of Fort-Dauphin.

Besides the equipment, but also the material we are looking for: obliged to firefighters, fire equipment (hoses, nozzles, pumps ,...) chainsaws , clothes....
Training, key of our system 

Our policy is based on two aspects, but also to train firefighters to educate the people first actions and warning response (the people are not used to having fire! There is also no no phone to call!)

For firefighters:

The training is based on:

- First Aid and Emergency Medicine,

- Technical operational against urban fires,

- Technical operationnel against vegetation fires (wildfires)

- to protect and to save the environment (against pollution ...)

For the people: 
In order to educate people to prevent risks and to learn first aid actions :

- Educate neighborhood leaders to relay the formation and organization of alert and protection,

- Training in CPR and first aid,

- Training in schools

- Advice people to avoid to use coal in wooden houses to cook or to warm. This is the main risk of urban fires.
Ready for action !

The coal is used to cook or to warm. Intensive use of coal threatens forests and causes of fires

Michel BOUCHEREAU, President of "Pompiers-France-Fort Dauphin


The association "Pompiers-France-Fort Dauphin" brings together fire fighters (including Sainte Foy la Grande, Gironde), doctors and nurses but also of people willing to commit to our cause. Most of the staff has training in first aid, fight against the fire and operational techniques, trainer, instructor of first aid ....

It was founded by Michel BOUCHEREAU, President, fireman in Sainte Foy la Grande (33).

It has its headquarters in the Gironde, but its members are from all over France and pool their skills to lead to the creation of the barracks of Fort-Dauphin.

So we move easily in search of material or communities wanting to support our approach ....

We have set a program on two years (2010-2012) to begin creating the foundations of the barracks: equipping the fire station and train counterparts.
For subsequent years, renewal of equipment and training will establish a strong and durable.


Malagasy Flag
  Our expectations 

Our association draws on the world of firefighters and international cooperation of civil security.

Our need for plant and equipment, our training needs, our future exchanges are linked to this world.

We are therefore looking for a fire service, a community or individuals to help us and to promote our actions into the World.

Our main expectation is to help the barracks but also to monitor and participate in its development!




A fire station in Antananarivo

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